Our maintenance service is built on years of experience, high levels of technical skill and a practical understanding of our clients’ needs.

Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited applies tightly controlled project management disciplines to its maintenance work, large or small. We apply offshore and onshore modifications, upgrades, damage repairs, conversions and refurbishments, as well as undertaking mobilization projects on a variety of vessels. Our method of working is based on a quick and safety-focused response to customer demand, anywhere in the world – in the shipyard or at sea.


Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited business activity is related to ship repair. Specifically, surface preparations such as sandblasting, water blasting, power tooling and removal of heavy metals and marine coatings to ships interior compartments, engineering spaces (including bilges) and all exterior ships surfaces above and below the waterline. Additionally, Marine Specialty Painting was the first to contractor to use 100% solid coatings adopted by the Indian Government for Indian Navy ships ballast tanks.

Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited philosophy is to provide the highest quality of service possible. Chettinad Marine & offshore company (India) pvt ltd offers quality workmanship, courtesy, integrity and fairness from management to the workforce. We care for our employees and promote training, safety and provide equal opportunities at all level.


Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited had been supported by a developing range of skillful information systems to co-ordinate and automate the planning and management of container and equipment moves in a complex and demanding business environment. With development and transformation in the Marine Industry, Automation and Control systems have substituted the human elements to a large extent. Modern vessels/Industries and offshore projects are equipped with advanced machinery and new know-how in technology.

Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited is a very well-known name in the marine and onshore/offshore Industry, specifically having its presence in Heavy Industries, like Steel, Marine & Offshore, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power, Oil & Gas, etc. Active Marine Services is involved in heavy industrial sector like Steel, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Power, Oil & Gas, etc.,and also in Marine & Offshore Services. We help you in after sales service, erection and commissioning, repair and maintenance, etc.