Marine industry has fueled high growth with the rise in coming up of increased port activity as well as for recreation purposes that has helped in opening up new job openings for talented and experienced professionals in particular trade. We also maintain a data base of qualified and experienced personnel who are already pursuing a successful career in the industry so as to provide them a better placement opportunity as per the emerging recruitment possibilities in this industry sector.

Chettinad Marine And Offshore Company (India) Private Limited provide Recruitement and Placement services for various types of vessels including offshore and harbor operations.
Our Licence Number is RPSL MUM - 003 (Valid till 18th, October 2020) / CIN : U63032MH2008PTC189131

Why Us:

  • With extensive experience backing our operations as Marine Recruitment Agency, we have emerged as first port of call for marine industry's employers as well as prospective employees.
  • Our expertise to serve all sizes of organizations right from small firms to multinational clients having a strong hold in marine shipping and associated industries.
  • Responsible for recruiting some of industry's finest talent in marine industry jobs.
  • We are well recognized and respected throughout marine industry where competent candidates approach us, seeking career moves as well as a place on our database.
  • Ready access to most qualified and experienced candidates for marine industry jobs.
  • Expertise in utilizing most resourceful way to recruit professionals.
  • Bridging the gap between employers and employees by valuably assisting recruiters to meet key aspects of productivity, efficiency and revenue generation.
  • With rich database backing our operations, we completely understand the job's expectations and deliver results accordingly.
  • Our company offered recruitment operations that are arranged as per industry specific business units where we employ dedicated marine employment teams with specialist marine knowledge so as to perfectly handle the in-hand process requirement.
  • Our Employment Division has proven track record of supplying professional as well as able workforce from the junior most to top executive levels.